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Calculations & Specifications
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Calculations & Specifications: to the point

BB.ENGINEERING develops technical specifications for the design of plant components and as a basis for the procurement process. We dimension pressure-bearing components such as pipes, bends, fittings etc. and carry out static and dynamic calculations of spatial piping systems. We also design steel structures such as columns, consoles, platforms, and pipe bridges.

Our Services

  • Stress analyses
  • Pressure calculations
  • heat loss calculations
  • FEM calculation
  • Wall thickness calculation
  • Flange checks
  • Verification of nozzle loads
  • Steel construction
  • foundation statics
  • pipe classes
  • Screw tightening torques
  • Strength calculations from Printed parts

Pressure loss calculation

We calculate pressure losses in branched and meshed pipeline networks. This includes the dimensioning of cross-sections and insulation, the dimensioning of pumps, checking the dimensioning in case of network expansion or the verification of the serviceability of existing networks.

Steel construction & foundation statics

For those as part of system planning We leave the designed steel buildings We create verifiable statics. , as well as the steel construction as well as for the necessary ones Foundations. The customer receives for the Implementation of workshop drawings for the Steel construction and reinforcement plans for the Foundations.

Strength calculations

We provide constructive component proofs. We provide you with internal pressure as well as flange and nozzle verifications for individual outlets and complete vessels, taking external loads into account. These calculations can be performed in accordance with the respective valid DIN, EN or ASME standards as well as the current regulations (AD2000).

Pipe classes

We create complete pipe classes or test existing pipe classes (e.g. for validity of standards and materials) and accompany you up to the final acceptance. Because clearly defined pipe classes are a must for efficient planning and procurement of pipelines and fittings.

Focus on calculation

For best possible static calculations we work with the best software solution available on the market: the leading CAE system ROHR2 for static and dynamic structural analysis of complex piping systems and general frameworks.

Your contact person::

Julian Bizaj This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Portrait Julian Bizaj

Focus on design

We are experts in the use of Plant3D as a CAD tool for pipeline and plant design. Come to us with your design questions. We will find a solution!

Your contact person:

Diana Ziegener This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Portrait Diana Ziegener

Focus on planning

The basis of a successful project is profound planning. We help you to develop your project technically while minimizing costs and risks through qualified project management.

Your contact person:

Björn Bizaj This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Portrait Björn Bizaj

Technical specifications

On the basis of the process engineering planning for your project, we work out together with you a technical specification for each plant component to be procured. The technical requirements with regard to functionality and quality of the respective component are specified in detail. In addition to our existing expertise, we can draw on a large pool of specifications.

  • Devices (pressure vessels, pipelines, screen basket filters, heat exchangers etc.)
  • Machines (pumps, compressors, dryers etc.)
  • Fittings (ball valves, control valves, butterfly valves, safety valves etc.)
  • Measuring instruments (volume/mass flow, temperature, pressure etc.)

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