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We support you with the procurement

BB.ENGINEERING conducts tender procedures effectively and target-oriented for you. This begins with the clarification of fundamental questions: In which form should the project or component - e.g. pump or tank - be put out to tender? Functional or 100% specified? Should the project be put out to tender as a whole (EPC/GU) or should it be divided into works or lots? Where are the interfaces or the delivery limits? We accompany your procurement process from the correct formal and content-related preparation of the service specifications to the evaluation of the offers and awarding of contracts.

Tendering structure

For your tendering procedure, we first clarify with you how the tendering structure looks like and in what form the tendering process should take place. The definition of this structure is crucial in order to avoid subsequent time-consuming and cost-intensive additions.


On the basis of the technical planning, we prepare the bill of quantities (BOS) including all appendices for the service or material to be procured. You will receive the BOS freely formattable as a Word document or in GAEB format.

Evaluation of tenders

We evaluate all offers for you - both in terms of technical and commercial aspects. For a better overview, we create a dedicated offer comparison for you.


We accompany the entire tendering process for you - until the final contract is awarded. We are also happy to take an active part in discussions with suppliers in order to support you in planning, technical and construction-related questions.