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Factory Planning

Factory planning: holistic and efficient

We create holistic 3D models for industrial customers and architects. These can be factory or logistics halls, for example. We can combine models from different CAD software. These fully integrated 3D models include the architectural model (building) and all other available models.

All in one model:

  • Architecture
  • Heating, Ventilation and Sanitary Engineering (HVS)
  • Electrical Installations
  • Plant Engineering
  • Steel Construction
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Landscape Planning
  • Other Building Services Engineering

3D modelling

We position the provided works and plant components (HVS, plant engineering, architectural model, electrical engineering) according to your specifications. We provide temporary placeholders for unfinished planning contents in the model after consultation.

Navisworks models

We make the current 3D models available to you as Navisworks models. These models contain stored viewpoints, e.g. with different model views (e.g. per work) or with lists of points requiring clarification (e.g. collisions).

Collision check

By means of our holistic models, a complete collision check of all works can be carried out, through which potential construction obstructions can be proactively prevented (risk minimization). The check is performed after each update of the model. This saves customers time and money during the construction phase.

Construction process simulation

We plan and simulate the construction process on the model together with the scheduler. Which component should be inserted first? Which construction area should be built first? Is the logic of the schedule correct?

Interface Management

We support you in clarifying and defining interfaces for your project. We also take over the documentation for revision tracking or changes. We conduct continuous customer correspondence and take part in project meetings, e.g. to present the model and open issues.